Turn your passion for sailing into a business opportunity!

Imagine owning a sailing / motor yacht that not only provides you with unforgettable memories on the sea but also generates a steady passive income.

What is Charter Management Investment?

Charter management is a unique investment tool that allows you to own a sailing / motor boat while delegating all the operational and administrative responsibilities to a specialized charter operating company. You focus on enjoying the sea and the financial benefits, while the operating company takes care of finding charter clients, managing the operations, and handling all the associated paperwork.

Benefits of Charter Management Investing with us

Passive income:

Enjoy a consistent source of income as charter clients rent your boat.

Expert management:

Delegate the complexities of boat ownership to experienced charter management professionals.

Maintenance and repairs:

Our partners take care of all maintenance and repairs which we coordinate directly with them, leaving you out of the hassle.

Tax advantages:

Benefit from tax advantages associated with buying a sailing / motor boat - 40 % of the value of the boat is subtracted from your company's income tax base.

Owner weeks:

Use your boat for a few weeks each year and experience great memories on the sea.

Covered costs:

All yacht costs are covered with the income that is generated through charter management

Agency support:

Our Charter Agency will actively market and do selling activities to guarantee booking within the free weeks.

Brokerage support:

If you decide to pull your boat from the charter system and put it up for sale, we, as authorized Jeanneau dealers, are here to assist you in selling the boat or connecting you with potential buyers.

What to consider before going into Charter management investing?


Model selection:

Choose a boat that aligns with your desired charter clientele and has the potential for high occupancy, ensuring a steady stream of charter bookings.

Equipment selection:

Filling your boat with extra gadgets and equipment will higher your initial investment but it will allow you to charge higher weekly prices.

Charter operating company:

Think about where you want your boat to be stationed - We have our partners and vetted Charter operating companies in every country / region in the Adriatic sea

Operating costs:

Charter operating companies typically charge 15% of charter net income to cover their operating costs

Market research:

Realistic financial projections based on market research, yacht specifications, and estimated charter rates, allowing you to assess the potential return on investment.

Uncertain income:

Charter income is dependent on market demand and seasonal fluctuations, making it somewhat unpredictable

When done correctly and efficiently, charter management investment can be a great investment tool that gives you the benefit of having a passive income and enjoying weeks on the sea.

We are here to help, advise and guide you to choosing the best Jeanneau boat for your needs.



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